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Composite resin

A composite resin is a tooth-colored filling material that can be used for restoring both anterior and posterior teeth. composites have good wear strength and can withstand strong forces. Composites are not only used for restorative fillings but are also for cosmetic smile improvements by changing the color or shape of teeth.

Composite is placed in layers, with each layer hardened using a specialized light before placing the next layer. After finishing, the restoration is then polished to achieve a smooth surface and prevent staining and early wear.

What is Dental Composite used for?

Dental Composite has several applications in dentistry. These include

-Restoring cracked, fractured, or chipped teeth

-Improve the shape and color of tooth/teeth

-As dental filling material

Advantages of composites

Esthetics-Nearly identical shade match to that of the actual tooth.

Conservative-Unlike silver fillings that need retention from tooth structure, composites bond to the tooth and are less prone to fracture 


There could be some post-operative sensitivity after getting a composite filling. The shade of the composite can slightly dull out over time.

How long does a composite last?

Composite restorations can last 5-6 yrs with good care and oral hygiene maintenance. If a piece of filling chips off, it can also be easily repaired.

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